Improving Your Home’s Value: Installment Five: Front Porch Upgrade

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Installment Five Front Porch Upgrade

In our last installment, we discussed a great way to improve the value of your home through the use of decorative screening. We all have those pesky air conditioner units and ugly utility boxes that can be an eyesore. The good news is these ugly units can be screened from view with attractive solutions.

In this month’s installment we are going to discuss another great way to add value to your home: upgrading your front porch.

Many homes have a short single step at the front door. This can allow for an additional layer of stone or brick pavers to be installed on top of your existing front entry porch. However, if this short step is not significant enough, then rebuilding your front porch may be a necessary step. One important thing to keep in mind is the need to keep water and debris out of your home. Having a small lip or drop from your front door sill to the surface of your front porch accomplishes this.

Here are some considerations when thinking about upgrading your front porch:

1. Color: Do you want the color of the surface material to compliment or contrast with the exterior of your home?

2. Size of stone or brick pavers: Size matters, especially in small spaces. You don’t want the paving to look too busy or look too large like it is overwhelming your porch.

3. How are the edges of your front porch treated?: Are they squared off or do they have a bullnose edge for a softer, rounded look?

4. Type of stone or brick pavers: How will the material you choose compliment or contrast with the exterior of your home?

5. Installation: Is a traditional mortared joint the look for you or do you like the look of tight joints between the pavers?

When considering the upgrade of your front porch, you’ll want to think about how to take advantage of the latest materials and how they can contrast with or compliment your home. Taking into account the considerations above can go a long way to making your front porch the first impression guests have of your home.

if you’re thinking about a front porch upgrade, we can help. Please contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation at or (317) 697-6727.

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