August: Featured Plant of the Month

August 6th, 2011 | featured | admin | No Comments

Ligularia dentata ‘Othello’

Big Leaf Ligularia

Size: 30-48 inches wide by 24-36 inches tall

Hardiness: zones 4-8 (Indy is in zone 5)

Growth Rate: fast (mature by the end of the 2nd season)

Flower: Brilliant orange-yellow daisy-like flowers appear in late July and last into September

Big Leaf Ligularia prefers rich, moist soil and is great for shady areas that stay damp or that receive excessive moisture. The flowers appear as brilliant orange-yellow daisies in late July and can last into September. The foliage is very bold in appearance and is a great contrast to other fine-textured plants like Liriope or Japanese Forest Grass (Hokonechloa). The flowers fade to seedheads that are attractive to birds. But if too many deadheads are left on the plant it may cause decline of the old foliage. If the deadheads are removed, new purple-tinted leaves emerge and the old foliage holds nicely for the remainder of the season. This plant seldom requires division. If division is desired, it is best performed in early spring as the new foliage is emerging. Provide regular moisture during periods of drought. Remove dead foliage at the end of the season just prior to winter. No other maintenance is required.

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