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August 6th, 2011 | featured | admin | No Comments

by Christy Cripe of LumiNet Technology Solutions

5 facts your current vendor doesn’t want you to know!

1. In an independent research study, ShoreTel is ranked the number 1 IP Telephony solution by users seven years in a row.  ShoreTel’s competitors pay their consultants to evaluate their products.  ShoreTel does not.
2. The lowest cost of ownership IP telephony platform is ShoreTel…by a wide margin!
3. ShoreTel was designed from the ground up as PURE IP.  All other competitors began with TDM technology.
4. ShoreTel is the “greenest” product of any competitor.
5. No competitor can come close to the level of reliability and redundancy offered in the ShoreTel IP platform.

Who Is LumiNet Technology Solutions?

LumiNet Technology Solutions is a communication solutions provider, specializing in IP Voice, Technology, and Video applications. Their goal is to increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue for companies by leveraging technology.

Contact Christy Cripe today at (317) 806-2263 or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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