Will you register my web domain?

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by Jay Bilunas of Angry Ape Creative

Your domain name is part of your brand. It identifies where people find you on the Internet and is the doorway of your on-line brand. Just like your logo, you need to protect your on-line brand. Whether you are a small business or large business, tech savvy or not, you should always register your own website domain in your name. This may seem like common sense to a lot of people, but allowing someone else to register the domain on your behalf happens far more often than you may realize.


As as small business owner, you may get busy and start outsourcing certain tasks. We can’t do everything, and that is why we hire experts. Registering your domain is one item you should take care yourself. First of all, you need to understand the difference between registering your domain and hosting your site. Domain registration allows you to own www.yourcompanyname.com. Site hosting is the space that your website resides on.


You register your domain with an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain name registrar like Go Daddy or Network Solutions. These major companies often offer their services to be resold under other names as well. It is ok to use a reseller of one of these services. I myself am a reseller for Go Daddy. https://www.securepaynet.net/Default.aspx?prog_id=angryape


Your website is hosted by a company that will “hold” the data that is on your website. The domain name (www.yourcompanyname.com) points to the server where the website is hosted. Often domain registrars will offer to host your site at the same time you sign up to register your domain. This can make the delineation between the two services confusing.Typically your web designer will have a preferred place where the site is hosted, and that is ok. It may even be their own web server.


The important part is that your domain name is registered in your name or by you. You may need a web designer to walk you through it or do it for you, but you want it to be registered in your name. This gives you control of it.


Why can’t you just let someone else register your domain for you? After all, that is one less bill you have to pay. You could just pay your web designer one monthly bill and it would be one less headache for you. WRONG. You wouldn’t let your web designer register the title of your car in their name, would you? It is the same concept. If you ever want to switch your website to another designer or hosting platform, you need to have access to the domain information. You also need to be the owner of that information. If someone else registers your domain in their name, they own it. I have seen, far too often, small business owners get frustrated with a web designer or firms and want to switch,soon realizing they do not own the domain name. Depending on the designer or firm they had been working with, this can cause many difficulties and even become a costly legal battle. Educate yourself before registering your domain. I do steer my clients to my seller site because I know how to navigate the site and it keeps me from having to learn many different site configurations, but I always have the client register and own their domain.


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