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It’s easy to get caught up in all of the holiday preparations this time of year. The most important tip I can give is “make it as simple as possible”. If you get too stressed out over the planning, you miss out on the enjoyment! Here are a few thoughts on holiday event survival…..


Hosting several holiday parties? Decorate early so you don’t have to rush around at the last minute. Do a deep house cleaning at the beginning of the season and then just touch up quickly prior to each event. Face it; your guests are going to be having too much fun to notice a little dust. So don’t sweat it! However, if you are still stressed, lower the lights and use candles for illumination!


Make your decorations cheery and easy. Use extra ornaments scattered about your serving and dining tables; holiday ribbon can be spread along your table and intertwined among your serving dishes; holiday colored candies in glass dishes can double as treats and decorations; or sprinkle red, green, gold or silver crinkled paper on the table for fun, fast and easy.


Remember, this is a wonderful time of year to bring the outside in. Utilize the greenery of the season. If you are fortunate to have resources right in your own back yard, add evergreen sprigs or holly leaves with berries to centerpieces and table settings. Even red cranberries and other fruits look wonderful floating in a glass cylinder filled with water.  And don’t forget the pinecones – these can be used in their natural form or sprayed with faux snow.   Remember to use items that will not wither and will last so you can decorate once and forget it!


Serving bottled water or soda? Tie a ribbon around the neck of each bottle. Also decorate around the punch bowl. It’s those little touches that add so much. Search through your boxes of decorations. Anything you have on hand can be turned into a wonderful creation!


Make a menu for each event you have planned. Create a shopping list that’s all inclusive. Purchase all non-perishables at once and have on hand. Then pick up last minute items a few days prior to your party. This eliminates the hassle and hair-raising experience of numerous shopping excursions.


You don’t have to fuss with a turkey or ham. Make it easy. Deli trays, cheese and crackers, a big pot of chili or soup and pasta salads simplify everything, yet present a nice buffet.


Make your cookie dough ahead of time and freeze. When ready, pop a few of each type in the oven and you will always have fresh baked cookies for each gathering without the fuss.  Present your holiday treats in a unique way. Purchase a divided box (in holiday colors or cover it with wrapping paper), tie a festive bow around it, and place your treats in each divided section. This can be used year after year.


Paper, paper, paper. You don’t have to pull out the good china to make a table presentable. Use paper products wherever and whenever you can. Then, just throw them away (or add to your recycle bin). Mini ornaments hanging from ribbon can be tied around red plastic cups to  make instant decorative flatware & napkin holders. Cover your serving table with white paper tablecloths and add a runner down the middle made of a strip of wrapping paper. When done, no need to wash & iron, just bundle it all up and throw away.


Spending the holidays as someone’s house guest? Don’t forget the hostess gift. Consider “gift mixes”. There are a number of options available from soups to sweets. Layer the ingredients in a jar, spruce up with festive ribbons and include the recipe directions on a cute card tied to the neck of the jar. You can make several jars ahead of time and have handy to grab and go. Here are a few resources:


Remember, the best part of the holidays is just being together with family and friends. Don’t let stress get in the way of what’s really important. Here’s to creating many happy memories during this Holiday Season.


Joyce A. Detterline

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