Picking the Right Pear…Tree

April 28th, 2013 | featured | admin | No Comments

We see them blooming every year in April, ornamental pear trees. Their stunning white blooms take our breath away. But which one is the right one to plant?

Bradford Pear trees are characterized by a very tall, dense, and wide canopy of leaves (see attached picture). Many cities and towns no longer allow the planting of Bradford Pears (Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’). This is due to a couple of factors. Bradford Pear trees are weak wooded, meaning they have weak crotches between the branches, which makes them very susceptible to storm damage including heavy snow, ice, and winds during strong thunderstorms. Bradford Pear trees also have a short life span, typically 25 years or less.

The great news is there are better options when it comes to ornamental pear trees. Two excellent varieties that I always recommend are Cleveland Select and Aristocrat (see attached pictures). Both of these are more upright and narrower in form, and they flower as profusely as the Bradford Pear. The Cleveland Select has a pyramidal shape which matures to a broad, upright, dense canopy. The Aristocrat is narrow and upright, maturing to a taller than wide canopy.

So, how do you pick the right pear…tree, you ask? A great place to start is with an knowledgeable landscape architect. Site Line Design, Inc. can help you with all of your landscape needs, including picking the right tree for the right location. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and allow us to make your landscape dreams come true.

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